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For the fast approaching gift pack season we offer numerous different varieties of gift boxes including a newly developed handsome, two layer, Special Edition gift box.

New England Specialties


Idylwilde Farm labeled maple syrup, Butternut Mountain Farm pancake mix, Chocolate covered Cape Cod cranberries, Idylwilde Farm labeled Damson Plum Preserve, Cider & Wine Mulling spices, Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Chutney, and Winfrey's Milk Choclate Butter Crunch Chocolate.


The Special Edition Gift Box

Basic model shown

16 pieces of seasonal fruit packed in foam cells on the bottom layer.  The top layer has an assortment of some of our more popular gourmet food items and retails for $95.00. In store pick up ONLY.

The Special Edition Fruit Box

32 pieces of seasonal fruit packed in foam cells in two layers in our beautiful new gift box.  $65.00 for in-store pickup.

The Special Edition Custom Box

We will be happy to arrange your personal choice of product and have it ready for your pickup.  Prices will vary depending on product selection.  You may choose a layer of fruit and a layer of gourmet food items or you might choose two layers of gourmet food items.  Please contact the store for details.


Jam & Jelly Sampler

$19.95 per box
Four varieties of Idylwilde Farm labeled jams & jellys.