Everything for the Holidays

Fresh Native Turkeys

These turkeys are fresh-killed Massachusetts grown birds from Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA.  They are grain-fed, free-range native turkeys.

Weight ranges begin at 14-16 pounds and go as large as 28-30 pounds.  Please specify a 2 pound range when ordering.  We recommend 1 pound per adult, which factors in the weight of the bone, or 1.5 pounds per adult if you want leftovers.  

Fresh Turkey Breast

You may also order turkey breast!  Turkey breast weight ranges begin at 8 pounds and go as large as 10-12 pounds.  

Boar's Head Sweet Slice Ham

Boar's Head Sweet Slice Boneless Smoked Ham (Shown above) is slowly cooked, delicately seasoned boneless ham, made with select cuts of fresh pork for a mouth-watering result. It has a subtle but distinct smoke flavor and is a must-have for a holiday meal.

Domestic Rib Roast

We will be offering both boneless and semi-boneless ribeye as well as beef tenderloin. Great for a holiday roast!