The traditional, longer-lasting, reddish mulch known as hemlock favored by many homeowners and landscapers can be purchased by the yard and delivered to your home. This mulch is also bagged and available at the front of the parking lot spring, summer and fall. One bag equals 2.25 cubic feet (approximately 10 sq. ft. spread 2 inches thick.)

Hemlock Mulch

4-9 yards: $57.99 plus tax per yard
10-19 yards: $55.99 plus tax per yard
20 or more yards: $52.99 plus tax per yard
1/12 yard bag: $7.95 plus tax

Other Varieties

Pine is rich and dark brown in color. Black Forest, the darkest mulch, is loam like in color. Pricing is the same as above.

Mulch Coverage Guidelines

1 cubic yard of mulch (12 bags) will cover approximately 150 square feet spread 2 inches thick.

Mulch Delivery Information

Mulch deliveries are typically made daily between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. An order received in the morning of one day usually can be made that day. Scheduling depends on the availability of the trucks and drivers and the volume of orders taken. No deliveries are made on Tuesdays when we are closed.

There is no charge for deliveries of mulch to Acton and Boxborough. There is a fee for deliveries outside of Acton and Boxborough — the amount depends on the distance from the farm. Minimum is usually $10.00. Minimum delivery is four yards. 


Idylwilde provides 16"-18" split-length hardwood, seasoned at least one year, in assorted quantities. These quantities are available for pickup at the store only:

Rack of Wood: $27.00
Bundle of Firewood: $6.95

Genuine Georgia Firewood

Available in sizes ranging from 1 pound bags to 20 pound bags.

Bundled Kindling

You'll find everything you need to get your fire going!

Hay & Straw

Salt Marsh Hay Bale: $16.99
Salt Marsh Hay Bag: $9.99
Straw Bale: $15.99
Straw Bale Small Decorative: $7.99

Note: When Salt Marsh Hay is not available, we have an alternative product, “Mainely Mulch.”